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James Edward Talmage The Story of Mormonism and Philosophy

Kio Briggs Living Free. The High Philosophy

A brilliant, true-story of bravery and taking steps into the unknown in search of genuine lifelong happiness.A story for dreamers - an adventure through many ups and downs; like a hero on a mission, persevering and conquering each unique battle through this whirlwind adventure; leading to the discovery of a philosophy of life.

764 РУБ



H A Guerber The Story of the Greeks

H. A. Guerber's The Story of the Greeks provides a basic but thorough history of Greece. Beginning with Greek myth and legend, Guerber moves through major figures, the Trojan war, the city-states of of Sparta and Athens, the Persian War, the adventures of Alexander the Great, before ending with Greece's absorption into the Roman Empire. Although recommended for young adults, The Story of the Greeks is a great introduction to anyone with an interest in classical Greek literature, philosophy, or history.

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Andrei Shkarubo Untrodden paths

The story takes place in a psychiatric hospital 50 km. east of Moscow in the summer of 1985, at the start of Gorbachev’s perestroika, and focuses on the philosophy and practice of the Russian political system.

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The Analytical Way. Proceedings of the 6th European Congress Analytic Philosophy

This book contains plenary and invited paperspresented at the 6th European Congress ofAnalytical Philosophy, held in Krakow in August 2008,as well as selected contributions delivered during thecourse of special workshops. The papers cover a widegamut of topics ranging from History of Philosophy toLogic, Metaphysics, Philosophy of Science, Philosophyof Mind, Social Philosophy, Philosophy of Language,and Epistemology.

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Patrick Allo Putting Information First. Luciano Floridi and the Philosophy of

Putting Information First focuses on Luciano Floridi’s contributions to the philosophy of information. Respected scholars stimulate the debate on the most distinctive and controversial views he defended, and present the philosophy of information as a specific way of doing philosophy. Contains eight essays by leading scholars, a reply by Luciano Floridi, and an epilogue by Terrell W. Bynum Explains the importance of philosophy of information as a specific way of doing philosophy Focuses directly on the work of Luciano Floridi in the area of philosophy of information, but also connects to contemporary concerns in philosophy more generally Illustrates several debates that arise from core themes in the philosophy of information

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Ikechukwu Anthony Kanu Philosophy of Religion. With Essays in African Religion

The present work focuses on the major inquiries in philosophy of religion. This work is unique in its own way, in the sense that it introduces something new to the corpus of literature that is often referred to as philosophy of religion. It introduces themes in African philosophy of religion, which is an area not often referred to in African philosophy, let alone in textbooks in philosophy of religion. As this work opens a new aperture in the study of the philosophy of religion, it is hoped that it would generate further interest in the study of African philosophy of religion.

2364 РУБ



Ikechukwu Anthony Kanu Disciplines of African Philosophy

For several decades, African philosophers have debated on the history, nature, and methodology of African philosophy, among others; however, this piece takes a different turn. It reflects on the disciplines of African philosophy. It is a work of twelve chapters and focuses on the major disciplines of African philosophy. This piece is a response to the recurrent question in the class of African philosophy: What are the disciplines of African Philosophy?

1852 РУБ



Godfrey O. Ozumba, Patrick J. Mendie, Michael Ukah CRITICAL ESSAYS ON POSTMODERNISM

The aim of this book is to tell a fuller story of postmodernism as applied to philosophy and a few other related disciplines. The book considers postmodernism from different angles. Apart from examining the nexus between postmodernism and different branches of philosophy. The ideas of leading postmodern thinkers we critically discussed. In an age where students find it very difficult to buy relevant books, this book is a handy reference material because it covers the very essential areas of postmodernism.I must commend the Editors of the book for their editorial astuteness and all the contributors for exhibiting a wonderful and overwhelming enlightenment for philosophy students and students of related disciplines. I strongly recommend the book for these and enlightened readers who seek a deeper knowledge of the subject.

2114 РУБ



Kasper Lippert-Rasmussen A Companion to Applied Philosophy

Applied philosophy has been a growing area of research for the last 40 years. Until now, however, almost all of this research has been centered around the field of ethics. A Companion to Applied Philosophy breaks new ground, demonstrating that all areasof philosophy, including epistemology, metaphysics, philosophy of science, and philosophy of mind, can be applied, and are relevant to questions of everyday life. This perennial topic in philosophy provides an overview of these various applied philosophy developments, highlighting similarities and differences between various areas of applied philosophy, and examining the very nature of this topic. It is an area to which many of the towering figures in the history of philosophy have contributed, and this timely Companion demonstrates how various historical contributions are actually contributions within applied philosophy, even if they are not traditionally seen as such. The Companion contains 42 essays covering major areas of philosophy; the articles themselves are all original contributions to the literature and represent the state of the art on this topic, as well as offering a map to the current debates.

15490.63 РУБ



Lepore Ernest A Companion to W. V. O. Quine

This Companion brings together a team of leading figures in contemporary philosophy to provide an in-depth exposition and analysis of Quine’s extensive influence across philosophy’s many subfields, highlighting the breadth of his work, and revealing his continued significance today. Provides an in-depth account and analysis of W.V.O. Quine’s contribution to American Philosophy, and his position as one of the late twentieth-century’s most influential analytic philosophers Brings together newly-commissioned essays by leading figures within contemporary philosophy Covers Quine’s work across philosophy of logic, philosophy of language, ontology and metaphysics, epistemology, and more Explores his work in relation to the origins of analytic philosophy in America, and to the history of philosophy more broadly Highlights the breadth of Quine’s work across the discipline, and demonstrates the continuing influence of his work within the philosophical community

15978.66 РУБ



Donald Phillip Verene The Philosophy of Literature

The Philosophy of Literature: Four Studies puts forth the question of the extent to which philosophers must go to school with the poets. It begins with a new interpretation of the famous Platonic quarrel with the poetic wisdom of Homer. It brings this question forward through the humanism of thinkers of the Italian Renaissance and the German Idealism of Hegel. It then treats the relation of philosophy and literature in four ways by considering philosophy as literature, philosophy of literature, philosophy in literature, and philosophy and literature. In regard to the first of these, it discusses Jorge Luis Borges's The Immortal, to the second James Joyce's Finnegans Wake, to the third Carl Sandburg's epic prose poem The People, Yes, and to the fourth, Sebastian Brant's Ship of Fools. This work demonstrates that in an area of thought often dominated by fashionable doctrines of literary interpretation, the great works of literature and philosophy remain as permanent residents of our thought and imagination.""This little book conveys fresh, major insights about the possible relations between literature and philosophy--between real things and ideas--and the common medium we use to express and explore them both, language. Verene beautifully exemplifies these multiple relations by examining four specific literary works (Borges, Joyce, Sandburg, Brant) through a sophisticated but accessible philosophical lens. A lucid, foundational treatment that will enlight...

1839 РУБ



William Irwin Ultimate Lost and Philosophy. Think Together, Die Alone

Expanded and up-to-date-the ultimate guide that explores meaning and philosophy of all six seasons of Lost Lost is more than just a popular television show; its a complex examination of meaningful philosophical questions. What does good versus evil mean on the island? Is it a coincidence that characters John Locke and Desmond David Hume are named after actual philosophers? What is the ethics of responsibility for Jack? An action-adventure story with more than a touch of the metaphysical, Lost forces viewers to ask difficult questions of themselves just as the story asks difficult questions of its characters. Ultimate Lost and Philosophy helps you explore the deeper meaning and philosophical questions hidden within every complex twist and turn in the historic shows entire six-season run. Includes every season of Lost, including 2010s final, highly anticipated season Connects events on the show to core philosophical issues such as truth, identity, and morality Explores a host of intriguing topics such as time travel, freedom, love, and loss For fans of Lost who are interested in what the show reveals about ourselves and the human condition, Ultimate Lost and Philosophy is an entertaining, informative, and enlightening resource.

1255.68 РУБ



Rudolf Steiner The Philosophy of Spiritual Activity. A Freedom

The Philosophy of Freedom is the fundamental philosophical work of the philosopher and esotericist Rudolf Steiner (1861–1925). It addresses the questions whether and in what sense human beings can be said to be free.Издательство: Rudolph Steiner Press

1333 РУБ



Vansieleghem Nancy Philosophy for Children in Transition. Problems and Prospects

Philosophy for Children in Transition presents a diverse collection of perspectives on the worldwide educational movement of philosophy for children. Educators and philosophers establish the relationship between philosophy and the child, and clarify the significance of that relationship for teaching and learning today. The papers present a diverse range of perspectives, problems and tentative prospects concerning the theory and practice of Philosophy for Children today The collection familiarises an actual educational practice that is steadily gaining importance in the field of academic philosophy Opens up discussion on the notion of the relationship between philosophy and the child

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Robert Lewis Dabney The practical philosophy, being the philosophy of feelings, will, and conscience

Эта книга — репринт оригинального издания (издательство "Kansas City, Mo., Hudson, Kimberly Pub. Co.", 1897 год), созданный на основе электронной копии высокого разрешения, которую очистили и обработали вручную, сохранив структуру и орфографию оригинального издания. Редкие, забытые и малоизвестные книги, изданные с петровских времен до наших дней, вновь доступны в виде печатных книг.The practical philosophy, being the philosophy of the feelings, of the will, and of the conscience, with the ascertainment of particular rights and duties.

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Philosophy and Economics

Philosophy and Economics studies topics such as rational choice, the appraisal of economic outcomes, institutions and processes, and the ontology of economic phenomena and the possibilities of acquiring knowledge of them.It is useful to divide philosophy of economics in this way into three subject matters which can be regarded respectively as branches of action theory, ethics (or normative social and political philosophy), and philosophy of science.This book is a must read for everyone interested in Economics and its Philosophy.This book is a compilation of high quality articles from the Internet.

914 РУБ



Logic, Methodology and Philosophy of Science. Proceedings the Thirteenth International Congress

This volume collects the majority of the invited papers at the 13th International Congress of Logic, Methodology and Philosophy of Science in Beijing, August 2007. It consists of four sections: Logic, General Philosophy of Science, Philosophical Issues of Particular Sciences, and Science and Society, as well as three special symposia: Cosmology, Freud and Psychoanalysis and Chinese Traditional Medicine. The authors are among the most renowned scholars in their fields, and the collection represents advanced research in logic, methodology and philosophy of science.

2664 РУБ



Life and Action: Elementary Structures of Practice Practical Thought

Any sound practical philosophy must be clear on practical concepts - concepts, in particular, of life, action, and practice. This clarity is Michael Thompsons aim in his ambitious work. In Thompsons view, failure to comprehend the structures of thought and judgment expressed in these concepts has disfigured modern moral philosophy, rendering it incapable of addressing the larger questions that should be its focus. In three investigations, Thompson considers life, action, and practice successively, attempting to exhibit these interrelated concepts as pure categories of thought, and to show how a proper exposition of them must be Aristotelian in character. He contends that the pure character of these categories, and the Aristotelian forms of reflection necessary to grasp them, are systematically obscured by modern theoretical philosophy, which thus blocks the way to the renewal of practical philosophy. His work recovers the possibility, within the tradition of analytic philosophy, of hazarding powerful generalities, and of focusing on the larger issues - like life - that have the power to revive philosophy. As an attempt to relocate crucial concepts from moral philosophy and the theory of action into what might be called the metaphysics of life, this original work promises to reconfigure a whole sector of philosophy. It is a work that any student of contemporary philosophy must grapple with.

2276 РУБ

Harvard University Press похожие


Susana Nuccetelli A Companion to Latin American Philosophy

This comprehensive collection of original essays written by an international group of scholars addresses the central themes in Latin American philosophy. Represents the most comprehensive survey of historical and contemporary Latin American philosophy available today Comprises a specially commissioned collection of essays, many of them written by Latin American authors Examines the history of Latin American philosophy and its current issues, traces the development of the discipline, and offers biographical sketches of key Latin American thinkers Showcases the diversity of approaches, issues, and styles that characterize the field

18588.61 РУБ



The Story Of The Impossible - Peter Von Poehl - Радио Relax FM ...

Relax FM: слушать The Story Of The Impossible - Peter Von Poehl онлайн бесплатно.

The story of philosophy. Humble дарит всем A Story About My Uncle — Новости — Игромания

10 янв. 2019 г. - Магазин Epic Games раздаёт бесплатно одну из лучших игр прошлого года, трогательную What Remains of Edith Finch. А в магазине ...

The story of Claudine, a Tutsi survivor | International Alert

"Rape is the most humiliating experience because it also creates eternal shame. I learnt how to manage loss and let go of anger" - Claudine, a Tutsi survivor.

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Pennywise: The Story of It. Отметки "Нравится": 8,5 тыс. Pennywise: The Story of IT is a feature length documentary celebrating the legacy of the 1990...

The Story of Thor - Pikabu

14 мая 2018 г. - Я ответил на ваш вопрос: Beyond Oasis, известная как The Story of Thor в Европе и как The Story of Thor: Hikari wo Tsugu Mono (яп.

Story of Eastern Wonderland — Русская Touhou Wiki

1 окт. 2018 г. - The Story of Eastern Wonderland (яп. 東方封魔録, система Поливанова: То:хо: фумароку, ромадзи: Touhou Fumaroku, перевод: Восточные ...

The Story of The Royals - MSN.com

The Story of The Royals. ... The Story of The Royals. Длительность: 00:30 07.08.2018. ПОДЕЛИТЬСЯ · ТВИТНУТЬ · ОБЩИЙ ДОСТУП · ПОДЕЛИТЬСЯ.

The Story of Switzerland - Paragliding Interlaken

Learn about the eventful history of Switzerland – once a low-wage country and today known to be one of the richest countries in the world. This tour gets you ...

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Перевод текста песни The Story of O.J. JAY-Z (Джей Зи) на сайте Puzzle English. Изучай перевод, добавляй свой вариант!

The Story of Eric

Read the text silently as you listen to the recording. The Russian words in context will help you match up the new Russian letters with their sounds. Эрик Кац ...

The Story Of Your Life - Chiang Ted - e-Reading

Dr. Louise Banks is enlisted by the military to communicate with a race of radially-symmetrical aliens who initiated first contact with humanity. Woven through the ...

The Story of Diablo - Game Guide - Diablo III

Diablo III · Game Guide · The Story of Diablo. English (EU). Region. Americas & Southeast Asia. Europe. Korea. Taiwan. China. Language. English (US).

Story: перевод, произношение, транскрипция, примеры ...

Перевод слова story, американское и британское произношение, транскрипция, словосочетания, однокоренные слова, примеры использования.

Lidice: The Story of a Czech Village - Мемориал Лидицe

The book "Lidice – The Story of a Czech Village" was written by a historian dr. Eduard Stehlík from the Department of Defense of Czech Republic. It is the first ...

Muriel Barbier, The Story of Lingerie – скачать fb2, epub, pdf на ...

Сервис электронных книг ЛитРес предлагает скачать книгу The Story of Lingerie, Muriel Barbier в форматах fb2, txt, epub, pdf или читать онлайн!

The Story of Dr Dolittle / История доктора Дулиттла. 5 класс

Хью Джон Лофтинг. eaders oung R y KJACC 5 Eo. ! | . C. = C. ||, | | | | | | | | | | | | || Hugh John Lofting / Хью Джон Лофтинг The Story of. Front Cover.


Inspired by the classic MK wing chair from the 1950s, it's no surprise that it's become one of our favourites. Watch the story of STRANDMON to see how this chair ...

The Story Of… — Sound Bridge. Слушать онлайн на Яндекс.Музыке

The Story Of… — Sound Bridge. Открывайте новую музыку каждый день. Лента с персональными рекомендациями и музыкальными новинками, радио, ...

Luzia, the Story of an Encounter - Cirque du Soleil

Two years in the making, THE STORY OF AN ENCOUNTER is a poignant, 6-episode web series that explores the inspiring 'love affairs' between Cirque du ...

Определение IT'S/THAT'S THE STORY OF MY LIFE в кембриджском ...

it's/that's the story of my life: Определение it's/that's the story of my life: said when something bad happens to you that has happened to you many times before: .

The story of «Amen» - Enigma | Текст и перевод песни | Слушать ...

История «Аминь». You're ready now to make the trip to the place your soul has reached long ago on Geryon's wings: Circle Eight! And so you walk out of this ...

Филип – непоседа (The Story of Fidgety Philip) Перевод с английского

The Story of Fidgety Philip. "Let me see if Philip can. Be a little gentleman; Let me see if he is able. To sit still for once at table:" Thus Papa bade Phil behave;

John Mayall - The Story Of John Mayall (Vinyl, LP, Compilation ...

View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the 1978 Vinyl release of The Story Of John Mayall on Discogs.

the story about - Перевод на русский - примеры английский ...

Перевод контекст "the story about" c английский на русский от Reverso Context: about the story.

The story of tonight - Hamilton: an American musical (Гамильтон ...

Перевод песни The story of tonight (Hamilton: an American musical) | Текст и перевод песни | Слушать онлайн | Видео-клипы | Lyrsense.

Humble дарит всем A Story About My Uncle — Новости — Игромания

10 янв. 2019 г. - Магазин Epic Games раздаёт бесплатно одну из лучших игр прошлого года, трогательную What Remains of Edith Finch. А в магазине ...

Steve Vai – The Story Of Light Lyrics | Genius Lyrics

The Story Of Light Lyrics: Это история света! / Во всём сущем есть всё сущее / И всё сущее есть одна лишь сущность / Внутри её заключена вся суть / А ...

Текст: THE STORY OF COFFEE - Lingualeo

Огромная библиотека аудио, видео и текстовых материалов для изучения английского языка. Покори английский с Lingualeo!

Джей Зи опубликовал в ютьюбе клип на трек «The Story of O.J.» с ...

6 июл. 2017 г. - Джей Зи опубликовал в ютьюбе клип на трек «The Story of O.J.» с альбома «4:44». До этого его можно было посмотреть только на ...

The Textorcist: The Story of Ray Bibbia – дата выхода в России и ...

The Textorcist: The Story of Ray Bibbia – полное описание, отзывы и рецензии, оценки пользователей, официальный сайт. Дата выхода игры The ...

"The Story of de Stijl. Mondrian to Van Doedburg" H.Janssen, M.White

What was De Stijl? This fascinating survey, the most comprehensive book to be published on the subject, seeks to unravel that question and to consider how the ...

Pusha-T: The Story of Adidon (Drake Response) — перевод — MuzOko

Но хватит рассуждений, перед вами текст и перевод на русский язык самого трека The Story of Adidon и наши комментарии по ходу текста, ...

...And the dead went... «The story of three»

Артём Черноус. САртём сЧерноус .cАтd the dead исті. «Лle story of three» ...And the dead went... «The story of three» Артём Черноус. Front Cover.

Inwald: The Story of a Glassworks - Prague.eu

One hundred years ago, Prague 5's Zlíchov quarter was home to the Inwald glassworks. The company's products became an integral part of many Czech homes ...

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Лингво-лаборатория Амальгама: перевод текста песни The Story of Us группы Taylor Swift.

The Story of Us — Википедия

«The Story of Us» («Наша история») — песня американской певицы Тейлор Свифт с её третьего студийного альбома Speak Now (2010). Песня достигла ...

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The Story of Art - продажа с быстрой доставкой по всей России. Мы дополним Вашу библиотеку редкими и уникальными экземплярами – выбирайте и ...

Grand Pursuit: The Story of Economic Genius - Аудиокнига ... - Storytel

It's the epic story of the making of modern economics, and of how economics rescued mankind from squalor and deprivation by placing its material fate in its own ...

Волшебная лампа Аладдина / The Story of Aladdin and the Wonderful Lamp

I АМР ВОАIIIЕВНАЯ ААМПА АЛАДДИНА словарь-комментарий-упражнения Волшебная лампа Аладдина /The Story of Aladdin and the Wonderful.

the story of our history - Русский перевод – Словарь Linguee

Примеры перевода, содержащие „the story of our history“ – Русско-английский словарь и система поиска по миллионам русских переводов.

the story is about - Перевод на русский - примеры английский ...

The story is about a young Jewish woman in the Netherlands, trying to survive at the end of World War II, when taking the revenge becomes the sense of her life.

Книга «Outliers: The Story of Success» Malcolm Gladwell - купить на ...

Купить книгу «Outliers: The Story of Success» автора Malcolm Gladwell и другие произведения в разделе Книги в интернет-магазине OZON.ru. Доступны ...

A Story About My Uncle в Steam

A Story About My Uncle - это приключенческий платформер от первого лица о мальчике, который ищет своего пропавшего дядю и попадает в мир, ...

The Story of Naked Truth | izi.TRAVEL Help

The Story of Naked Truth. Русский. English · Русский · Français · Italiano · Español · Română · Nederlands · izi.TRAVEL · Academy · Help; Contact Us.

Émile de La Bédollière: книга The Story of a Cat в Apple Books - iTunes

Émile de La Bédollière: чтение отрывка или покупка книги «The Story of a Cat». Вы можете читать эту книгу в Apple Books на своем устройстве iPhone, ...

The Story of Berlin, Берлин: лучшие советы перед посещением

The Story of Berlin, Берлин: просмотрите отзывы (833 шт.), статьи и 588 фотографий The Story of Berlin, с рейтингом 100 на сайте TripAdvisor среди 985 ...

Jay-Z выпустил анимационный клип «The Story of O.J.»

11 июл. 2017 г. - Спустя несколько дней после издания своего 13-го альбома «4:44», Jay-Z опубликовал анимационный клип к одному из лучших треков с ...

Стилистический анализ произведения The Story of an Hour

8 июн. 2018 г. - I`ve just finished “The story of an hour” by Kate Chopin which was first published in Vogue in 1896. Kate Chopin is well-known as a feminist ...

Spotlight_podcasts, The Story of Bobby Dunbar - LingQ

Anderson's story sounded very possible. But many people did not believe her. Anderson was an unmarried mother. Because of this, many people thought she ...

The story of philosophy. John Mayall - The Story Of John Mayall (Vinyl, LP, Compilation ...

View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the 1978 Vinyl release of The Story Of John Mayall on Discogs.

The Story of Doctor Dolittle - Аудиокнига & - Hugh Lofting - Storytel

Doctor Dolittle, a little, lovable old doctor, had so many animal pets spread throughout his house and garden that patients would not come to him any more.

Ernest Thompson Seton Wild Animals I Have Known

A stirring account of the lives of eight wild animals, including Lobo, the king of Currumpaw; Silverspot, the story of a crow; Raggylug, the story of a cottontail rabbit; Bingo, the story of a dog; the Springfield fox; the pacing mustang; Wully, the story of a yaller dog; and Redruff, the story of the Don valley partridge.

1389 РУБ



Richard Stevko The End of Philosophy

Examination of three twentieth century philosophers who famously declared the end of philosophy. Exploration of thinking and its purposes.

1252 РУБ



Fritz Allhoff Gardening - Philosophy for Everyone. Cultivating Wisdom

Philosophy and gardens have been closely connected from the dawn of philosophy, with many drawing on their beauty and peace for philosophical inspiration. Gardens in turn give rise to a broad spectrum of philosophical questions. For the green-fingered thinker, this book reflects on a whole host of fascinating philosophical themes. Gardens and philosophy present a fascinating combination of subjects, historically important, and yet scarcely covered within the realms of philosophy Contributions come from a wide range of authors, ranging from garden writers and gardeners, to those working in architecture, archaeology, archival studies, art history, anthropology, classics and philosophy Essays cover a broad spectrum of topics, ranging from Epicurus and Confucius to the aesthetics and philosophy of Central Park Offers new perspectives on the experience and evaluation of gardens

1700.76 РУБ



Heather Dyke A Companion to the Philosophy of Time

A Companion to the Philosophy of Time presents the broadest treatment of this subject yet; 32 specially commissioned articles – written by an international line-up of experts – provide an unparalleled reference work for students and specialists alike in this exciting field. The most comprehensive reference work on the philosophy of time currently available The first collection to tackle the historical development of the philosophy of time in addition to covering contemporary work Provides a tripartite approach in its organization, covering history of the philosophy of time, time as a feature of the physical world, and time as a feature of experience Includes contributions from both distinguished, well-established scholars and rising stars in the field

16574 РУБ



Vincent F. Hendricks, John Symons Masses of Formal Philosophy

Masses of Formal Philosophy is an outgrowth of Formal Philosophy. That bookgathered the responses of some of the most prominent formal philosophersto five relatively open and broad questions initiating a discussion of metaphilosophical themes and problems surrounding the use of formal methodsin philosophy. Including contributions from a wide range of philosophers,Masses of Formal Philosophy contains important new responses to theoriginal five questions.

2489 РУБ



Eze Postcolonial African Philosophy

Postcolonial African Philosophy sets out a timely and critical agenda for contemporary African, Afro-Caribbean, and African American philosophy.With many leading contributors, this collection of newly-commissioned work provides key coverage of the postcolonial and the postmodern, the critique of eurocentrism in philosophy, philosophy in post-independence Africa and post-civil rights black America, multi-culturalism, and inter-cultural dialogue between contemporary African and western philosophy in the academy. In addition, it includes important interventions on contemporary historical, political, and cultural situations of Africa and America at the end of the twentieth century, and philosophy's role in this milieu.Designed to complement Emmanuel Eze's forthcoming Race and the Enlightenment (1996) and African Philosophy: An Anthology, (1997) also published by Blackwell, these volumes represent powerful new intervention in a fast developing area of study and research.

7539 РУБ



New Directions in Logic and the Philosophy of Science

The Italian Society for Logic and the Philosophy of Science (SILFS) was founded in 1952 with the aim of promoting and encouraging research in logic and philosophy of science inItaly. On 18--20 June 2014, the Society held its Triennial International Conference, SLFS 14, at the University "Roma TRE". The conference was divided into several sessions, each centered on one of the main current topics in logic and philosophy of science, with a special focus on interdisciplinary approaches to logical and epistemological issues in the foundations of special sciences (both natural, social and human). The 100 contributed papers underwent a further selection, resulting in the 28 papers that are published here, subdivided into three macro areas: Epistemology and General Philosophy of Science; Logic and Philosophy of Logic; Philosophy of Natural Sciences.These articles offer a representative sample of the trends and developments of the contemporary research in logic and the philosophy of science in Italy, as well as reflecting the direction and themes that characterise the current international debate in these disciplines.

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Fritz Allhoff College Sex - Philosophy for Everyone. Philosophers With Benefits

Written with insight and humor, College Sex – Philosophy for Everyone investigates a broad array of philosophical issues relating to student sex. Examines the ethical issues of dating, cheating, courtship, homosexual experimentation, and drug and alcohol use Considers student-teacher relationships, sexual experimentation, the meaning of sex in a college setting and includes two essays based on influential research projects on ‘friends with benefits’ Many of the authors teach classes that explore the philosophy of love and sex, and most are scholars from the Society of the Philosophy of Sex and Love

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William Irwin Alien and Philosophy. I Infest, Therefore Am

Alien and Philosophy: I Infest, Therefore I Am presents a philosophical exploration of the world of Alien, the simultaneously horrifying and thought-provoking sci-fi horror masterpiece, and the film franchise it spawned. The first book dedicated to exploring the philosophy raised by one of the most successful and influential sci-fi franchises of modern times Features contributions from an acclaimed team of scholars of philosophy and pop culture, led by highly experienced volume editors Explores a huge range of topics that include the philosophy of fear, Just Wars, bio-weaponry, feminism and matriarchs, perfect killers, contagion, violation, employee rights and Artificial Intelligence Includes coverage of H.R. Giger’s aesthetics, the literary influences of H.P. Lovecraft, sci-fi and the legacy of Vietnam, and much more!

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Pete Mandik This is Philosophy of Mind. An Introduction

This is Philosophy of Mind presents students of philosophy with an accessible introduction to the core issues related to the philosophy of mind. Includes issues related to the mind-body problem, artificial intelligence, free will, the nature of consciousness, and more Written to be accessible to philosophy students early in their studies Features supplemental online resources on www.thisisphilosophy.com and a frequently updated companion blog, at http://tipom.blogspot.com

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Eric Kreye Under the Blood Banner. The Story of a Hitler Youth

This story was experienced by Eric Kreye as a child. Although the story is directed primarily to Junior boys and girls, the hearts of many young parents have been captured as well. The authors have attempted to instill values, such as loyalty to family, allegiance to country, honesty, integrity, and faithfulness to God. Eric spent some time with his father in Germany prior to the writing of this story to get an adult's view of Hitler's philosophy. Also he wanted to make sure that his memories of World War II were as accurate as possible- to make the story not only interesting, but meaningful to the young reader. Eric's primary purpose for sharing his personal story, regardless of the age of the reader, is to show how this great and amazing God of the universe carefully guards and guides each person on Planet Earth! His second purpose in sharing his experiences is to help counteract the false belief today among some that the atrocities against the Jews during World War II are pure fabrication. Finally, he wants to encourage every reader to do whatever is possible to stop the ever-increasing violence, oppression, abuse, hate, and immorality in our flawed, yet beautiful world. There is a better way. Peace, security, and happiness are possible through the grace and power of Jesus Christ.

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Fritz Allhoff Fatherhood - Philosophy for Everyone. The Dao of Daddy

Fatherhood – Philosophy for Everyone offers fathers wisdom and practical advice drawn from the annals of philosophy. Both thought-provoking and humorous, it provides a valuable starting and ending point for reflecting on this crucial role. Address the roles, experiences, ethics, and challenges of fatherhood from a philosophical perspective Includes essays on Confucius, Socrates, the experience of African fatherhood, and the perspective of two women writers Explores the changing role of fatherhood and investigates what it means to be a father An ideal complement to Motherhood – Philosophy for Everyone (Wiley-Blackwell, 2010)

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Roger Peters William S Sonnet Philosophy Volume 2. A line by analysis of the 154 individual sonnets using philosophy as basis for their meaning

This 2018 second edition of Volume 2 from the four-volume slip-case set William Shakespeare’s Sonnet Philosophy (2005) is the first of the four volumes to be made available on digital platforms worldwide. The other three volumes will follow over the next couple of years. Volume 1 shows how Shakespeare structured his nature-based philosophy into the 1609 Sonnets. Volume 2 examines each of the 154 sonnets line by line to show that the Sonnet philosophy is the basis for their meaning. Volume 3 analyses a selection of poems and plays to show that they can be understood only from the vantage of the Sonnet philosophy. Volume 4 features an essay on the shared logic of Marcel Duchamp and Shakespeare plus ten other essays. Volume 2 takes the nature-based philosophy of the whole set of 154 sonnets in Shake-speares Sonnets of 1609 with its deeply structured sequences to show that every line and word of each sonnet conforms to its inherent logic. Hence, Volume 2 confirms that the philosophy Shakespeare develops early in his career as a playwright and poet is evident in every aspect of the 154 sonnets. The line-by-line analysis of the 154 sonnets using their inherent philosophy provides the first ever appreciation of reason Shakespeare wrote sonnets in the 1590s or modified earlier ones in the 1600s to express the various elements of natural logic by 1609. The increase sonnets, the increase to poetry sonnets, the truth and beauty sonnets to the Master Mistress and the beauty and truth son...

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Ernest Lepore A Companion to Donald Davidson

A Companion to Donald Davidson presents newly commissioned essays by leading figures within contemporary philosophy. Taken together, they provide a comprehensive overview of Davidson’s work across its full range, and an assessment of his many contributions to philosophy. Highlights the breadth of Davidsons work across philosophy Demonstrates the continuing influence his work has on the philosophical community Includes newly commissioned contributions from leading figures in contemporary philosophy Provides an in-depth exposition and analysis of Davidsons work across the range of areas to which he contributed, including philosophy of action, epistemology, metaphysics, philosophy of language, and philosophy of mind

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Philosophy of Logic. 5 Questions

Philosophy of Logic: 5 Questions is a collection of interviews with some of the world's most influential and prominent scholars working on philosophy of logic. The questions: Why were you initially drawn to the philosophy of logic? What are your main contributions to the philosophy of logic? What is the proper role of philosophy of logic in relation to other disciplines, and to other branches of philosophy? What have been the most significant advances in the philosophy of logic? What are the most important open problems in philosophy of logic, and what are the prospects for progress? Interviews with JC Beall, John Lane Bell, Johan van Benthem, Patricia A. Blanchette, Otávio Bueno, James Cargile, Mark Colyvan, Newton Carneiro Affonso da Costa, Pascal Engel, Susan Haack, Jaakko J. Hintikka, Dale Jacquette, Penelope Maddy, Lawrence S. Moss, Catarina Dutilh Novaes, Ahti-Veikko Pietarinen, Graham Priest, Stephen Read, Nicholas Rescher, Stewart Shapiro, Peter Simons, Timothy Williamson, Jan Woleński

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Friedel Weinert Copernicus, Darwin and Freud. Revolutions in the History Philosophy of Science

Using Copernicanism, Darwinism, and Freudianism as examples of scientific traditions, Copernicus, Darwin and Freud takes a philosophical look at these three revolutions in thought to illustrate the connections between science and philosophy. Shows how these revolutions in thought lead to philosophical consequences Provides extended case studies of Copernicanism, Darwinism, and Freudianism Integrates the history of science and the philosophy of science like no other text Covers both the philosophy of natural and social science in one volume

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Janine Allis The Secrets of My Success. Story Boost Juice, Juicy Bits and All

Janine Allis explains how she grew Boost Juice bars into a global phenomenon. How do you turn a single juice bar into a global company with more than 6000 employees and $160 million in global sales? Ask Janine Allis. In The Secrets of My Success, Australia’s hottest entrepreneur tells the inside story of the growth of Boost Juice, including her personal journey from housewife with no formal business training to successful entrepreneur. Along the way, she discovered the 30 business and leadership tips she calls her ‘recipes for success’. The Secrets of My Success also explores how Allis’s personal philosophy based on a love for life has brought the company loyal customers and created satisfied, dedicated employees. The perfect guide for budding entrepreneurs to reject the traditional wisdom that the only way to succeed in business is with a business degree An inside look at the successful management and leadership philosophy of one of Australia’s greatest entrepreneurs Includes a full-colour photo insert section. For today’s entrepreneur looking for non-traditional paths to extreme success, The Secrets of My Success offers practical business and leadership wisdom combined with Allis’s own compelling personal story.

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Andrew Bowie Adorno and the Ends of Philosophy

Theodor Adorno’s reputation as a cultural critic has been well-established for some time, but his status as a philosopher remains unclear. In Adorno and the Ends of Philosophy Andrew Bowie seeks to establish what Adorno can contribute to philosophy today. Adorno’s published texts are notably difficult and have tended to hinder his reception by a broad philosophical audience. His main influence as a philosopher when he was alive was, though, often based on his very lucid public lectures. Drawing on these lectures, both published and unpublished, Bowie argues that important recent interpretations of Hegel, and related developments in pragmatism, echo key ideas in Adorno’s thought. At the same time, Adorno’s insistence that philosophy should make the Holocaust central to the assessment of modern rationality suggests ways in which these approaches should be complemented by his preparedness to confront some of the most disturbing aspects of modern history. What emerges is a remarkably clear and engaging re-interpretation of Adorno’s thought, as well as an illuminating and original review of the state of contemporary philosophy. Adorno and the Ends of Philosophy will be indispensable to students of Adorno’s work at all levels. This compelling book is also set to ignite debate surrounding the reception of Adorno’s philosophy and bring him into the mainstream of philosophical debate at a time when the divisions between analytical and European philosophy are increasingly breaking down.

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Thom Brooks Hegels Philosophy of Right

Hegels Philosophy of Right presents a collection of new essays by leading international philosophers and Hegel scholars that analyze and explore Hegels key contributions in the areas of ethics, politics, and the law. The most comprehensive collection on Hegels Philosophy of Right available Features new essays by leading international Hegel interpreters divided in sections of ethics, politics, and law Presents significant new research on Hegels Philosophy of Right that will set a new standard for future work on the topic

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Logic, Methodology and Philosophy of Science. Proceedings the Fifteenth International Congress

This volume contains papers based on invited letures from the 15th Intenational Congress of Logic, Methodology and Philosophy of Science (CLMPS 2015) in Helsinki, Finland, on August 3-8, 2015. The papers deal with state-of-the-art questions of mathematical and philosophical lgoic, general philosophy of science as well as philosophical and methodological issues related to particular sciences. The volume also contains invited papers on the congress theme Models and Modelling and the three special invited sessions: International Union of History and Philosophy of Science Joint Commission session, International Council for Science (ICSU) special session: Future Earth and Models and Empirical Philosophy: A Session in Honor of Patrick Suppes.

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